Friday, November 29, 2019


With open mouth the words won't speak
though heart and tongue be cheek to cheek
I'm weary more, my back does creak
The silence screams and makes me weak


With little cares, the chasm sows
despondency, the shadow grows
the time is gone, I've had enough
so it is time to call your bluff


A preacher went to trim the lawn
walking there he spied a fawn
work be done he gave a yawn
"They won't miss me when I'm 

(c) November 2019


A city upon
a hill cannot
be hidden

but the world


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mine is a Voice

Mine is a voice
for those without ears
They never hear
the screams of my fears

Without a doubt
the world little cares
I go away
from life's affairs

So read this rhyme
and small words of rot
though I'm gone
I miss you a lot

(C) November 2019

Monday, November 4, 2019

Casa Do Monte: The Best Airbnb

It is rare in this life to find a place that captures your heart and soul.  My family and I have been blessed to have a few experiences like this.  Still, two summers ago I had to opportunity to visit Sao Miguel island in the Atlantic Ocean.  I posted a few blog posts about our experiences there.  We loved it so much we returned for another stay this summer.  One big reason for our desire to return was our Airbnb hosts, Paul Natérsia Torres. 

When booking last year, we knew little about the island.  Therefore, picking a location for our lodging was daunting.  One Airbnb home that seemed far away from everything was located in Achadinha called The House onthe Hill( Casa do Monte in Portuguese).  Due to the distance, we would need to rent a car.  I wasn’t against this idea and, as we later learned, a car rental is the best way to see everything on Sao Miguel. 

As I continued to research, I was repeatedly drawn back to the House on the Hill  These are the things that caught my attention.

1.  The price. 
2   It was owned by superhosts
3.  Airbnb said it was rare this place was available
4.  The overwhelmingly excellent reviews

Choosing the House on the Hill was made easier when I learned they would give us complimentary transportation from/to the airport.  Additionally, I was able to rent a car directly from them.  To me, this was the place to stay. 

When picked up at the airport by Paul, I immediately was impressed by this strong yet humble man.  During the drive to his home, he offered many sightseeing tips to us.  This continued throughout our stay.  Perhaps the best way to describe what I want to express is to say it like this:  Paul, Natérsia and family are very kind people who know how to be hospitable and continually go the extra mile for their guests.  They take time, if you are willing, to get to know you on a personal level.  They took time from their obviously busy schedules to share personal moments with us.  Even when we returned this last summer, there was much more of this personal interaction.  Therefore, in my mind, when I visit Sao Miguel island, I will only stay with Paul and Natérsia or I won’t go.  Fortunately, they have a couple different places so we have options.

Paul mentioned to us his desire to start a tour service.  I understand he now has two tours.  One is a sunrise tour and you get to explore more of the island in the other.  While we haven’t taken part in the tours he offers, I am certain they are amazing experiences.  Sao Miquel is a paradise on earth.  To anyone considering a visit to Sao Miquel island, you must go.  When you do, you must stay with Paul and Natérsia .  You won’t be disappointed. 

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