Monday, October 22, 2018

Shorties: Number 64

Chewing her salad, Brenda swallowed and replied, “Well, I don’t think he would care one way or the other.  I mean, Randy never worries about being on time.” 

“Oh great!  He will never know what hit ‘em.” 

Laughing, Brenda replied, “Not a clue.  He’ll walk…Hey, where did you get your watch?”

Looking at the watch, Karen said, “I got this the other day at Macy’s.  Can you believe the deal I got?  Full price, I would’ve paid over $300.00 but I only paid 25.” 

“What?  Wow!  That’s great!”  Brenda looked at it more closely and Karen undid the latch and handed it to her.  Karen continued, “You know me.  If it isn’t a deal I ain’t buyin’ it.” 

There was silence for a moment as Brenda scrutinized the face and band.  Then she handed it to Karen and returned to the previous conversation.  “My only concern is what to get him.  I mean, it is impossible to buy presents for him.  All he wants is tools but he already has all of them.  He doesn’t like gifty things or clothes.  I just don’t know what to buy for him.”

Karen looked at Brenda with a devilish smile.  Brenda saw the look in Karen’s eyes and asked, “What?  What are you thinkin’?”

“What do men think about all the time?”

“I’m sure you mean besides tools and football.”

Brenda’s face never changed as she smiled and nodded.



“Brenda, no!”

Finally, Karen stopped smiling and with a serious face said, “You know, sleeping with your husband isn’t a sin.  It is allowed.” 

Her mind raced and face flushed.  Finally, Brenda said, “But it isn’t a gift.  I mean sex isn’t a present.”
“It is to men.” Karen said with a laugh.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Shorties: Number 63

As a courteously, Philip tipped his hat and instinctively stood to the side to let the young lady exit through the door he used to enter the bank.  He was about to acknowledge her when Philip noted the different hair color.  Also, her face reflected no hint of recognition as she moved passed him.  It couldn’t have been Jane.  Surely, she would have at least said hello. 

The line for a bank teller held two people.  Philip spotted Jane at her position and marveled at the likeness of the young woman he saw.  As luck would have it, Jane became available when Philip reached the front of the queue.  As he always did, Philip greeted Jane with a warm, “Good morning young lady.”

“Good morning young man.”

Jane was younger than Philip’s youngest child, who was 35, and he treated her as if she was one of his children.  The banter between the two of them always energized Philip for the whole day.  Philips pushed an envelope of cash and a deposit slip to Jane and said, “Do you have a twin sister?”

Seeing the deposit amount and opening the envelope, Jane replied, “Yes, I do.  She was just here.”

“Then I did see her as I came in.  She looks just like you.”

“She’d say I look just like her.”  They both laughed.

“She came down from Minneapolis a few days ago.”

“Minneapolis?  I used to live in Blaine until I retired and moved here.”

“Wow!  Small world.”

“Yes, it is.  What does she do?”

“She does logistics for Target.”

“That’ll keep her busy.”

Laughing, Jane said, “Yes, it does.”

Since no other customers waited for assistance, they continued their conversation.  Philip learned Jane and her sister were born in South Africa.  The family moved to New York when she and her sister were toddlers and then to Minnesota when they were 5 years old. 

Jane watched Philip come alive as they talked.  With a twinkle in his eyes, he observed every Jane’s every mannerism.  He wondered how similar they were to her sister.  Philip then heard the bell that signaled the door opened.  He turned to see three people enter the bank.  He turned with a frown and said, “Guess I need to let you get back to work.”

Philip picked up his hat and smiled.  “Thank you for your assistance young lady.”

“My pleasure, young man.  Have a good day.”

Smiling, Philip replied, “You too.”

Step by step Philip approached the door.  After stepping outside, his eyes were cast to the sidewalk.  He exhaled loudly.  He would get a coffee but then he would have to go back to his empty home. 

A Time of Need

The last time he saw his mom, Paul spoke the words he had to say.   He recognized her discomfort as she shifted on the bed and redirected he...